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              The company has a municipal technology center, also known as "Weinan Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Research Center". The center has three design departments responsible for the research and development of containers, boilers and mining machinery technologies respectively. At present, the center has 46 designers, 34 above undergraduate level, 4 senior engineers and 18 engineers. In terms of pressure vessels, the company currently has design license of A1 and A2 level pressure vessel , and two employees with qualification certificates of "pressure vessel design approver", which have made breakthroughs in the design of large heat exchangers and high-pressure thick-wall vessels. In terms of boilers, the company has a strong research and development team and has successfully developed 150-ton and 220-ton circulating fluidized bed boilers, coke oven gas waste heat boilers, 75-ton large bulk gas boilers and a series of WNS steam hot water boilers. At present, circulating fluidized bed boilers of 260 tons and above are being developed to move towards large energy-saving and efficient boilers.




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